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    subtle-queen said: So I went to the Zoe Quinn tag to look up some more stuff on this bullshit and accidently happened upon one of her nudes, and seriously this just proves that guys will smash anything because good god I will never understand how *that* body garnered so much power. *sips tea and leaves*

    I think it’s psychological more than pure lust.

    Like men and women in that frame of mind aren’t necessarily head over heels in lust with the person, it’s just the allure/exhiliration of doing so that comes from accomplishing the adultery.

    That woman is no higher than a 4 in my book. *sips tea*

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      Just look at the caliber of the Five Guys themselves, though. Every one of them is a skinny, white, dickless SJW, most...
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      Some GUYS are sociopaths and don’t look good but as sociopaths and can charm people into doing what they want. That...
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      Like, I’m sorry, I don’t usually go off on people’s looks like this, but the more I read about this bitch—and I was gone...
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      That “4” is conditional, and the condition is that I’d be drunk. We all unanimously agreed on a 2.5 yesterday.